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New Voltron Series News


Corona Coming Attractions has the scoop on the new Voltron show coming to Nicktoons:
The lions are sleek, and are recognizably Voltron.

• There’s an expanded, interracial team

• All five post-Sven pilots are there (with a probable Sven cameo)

• The show’s major villains will be returning

• Character design is similar to DC Universe shows like Justice League Unlimited

• There’s an all-new voice cast

See the Nickelodeon press release for more information.

Watching Videos Over the Holidays

dbz setThe holidays are a great time to chill out and watch some old videos that are collecting dust on your shelf. Saturday, I watched 8 Man After, DBZ Treee of Might, and DBZ Dead Zone.

It’s always fun to watch old Streamline Pictures anime becuase they seem to use the same 5 voices for all of their dubs. But I still enjoy Streamline Pics like 8 Man After. Plenty of good action, nice story and good animation that holds up pretty well today. I wish it could have been fleshed out into a full series, instead of an OAV.

The DBZ movies were fun just to see how the DBZ characters have evolved over time. Gohan, the litte kid with so much hidden power. Piccolo, (in Dead Zone) is training for a re-match with his nemisis Goku! And Goku, who hasn’t figured out the Super Saiyan thing yet, relies on his Kaiô-ken to fight his enemies.

Later, I plan to watch Voltron: Fleet of Doom. I’m still mad, reflecting on my elementary school days when all my friends came in and told me how cool it was to see BOTH Voltrons TOGETHER! Of course, I never saw that episode until I was an adult. I may watch some of my DC Animation DVDs too.

What are you watching over the holidays?

What I want for Christmas: Voltron Lion Masterpiece

Voltron ToyLike many of you, I was hooked on Voltron from the very first episode. Watching Voltron after school was a must before doing anything else. Of course, after watching this animated infomercial every day, I had to have the Voltron toys, too. Unfortunantly, my Voltron collection consisted of only the Black Lion, a cheap miniature version of vehicle team, and the big, plastic-cheapo version of the lion team.
Since I was pretty good this year, maybe Santa will finally give me the real thing–all five lions, complete with the “Blazing Sword!”

He comes packaged in a ‘book-style’ box with slide-out tray, allowing for safe storage and forever mint-in-box packaging.

Check it out!

Voltron Is Back!

golionJust in case you missed it, Voltron is back on TV!

Tuesday – Friday at 3:30 am Eastern on Cartoon Network

If you have a TiVo, create a Season Pass now:

tivo record

Or Buy it on DVD:

New Mecha T-shirt

Order the new Mecha T-shirt today!

mecha t-shirt

First Voltron DVD set

golionSci-Fi has a review of the first set of Voltron DVDs. Here’s a small part of it:

… there’s an awful lot to like in these opening Voltron episodes, from the slow-burn plot arc to the careful establishment of five iconic characters: Keith (the dashing, blandly perfect leader), Hunk (the big, slowish but good-hearted one), Lance (the “edgy” smartass), Pidge (the brains-over-brawn kid) and Princess Allura (the obligatory girl, and often the team’s weakest link, in emotions and skills alike). These five characters became prototypes, often imitated and often shorthanded, in part because they were established so well here, with episodes focusing on each of them in turn.


golionWEP finally gave in! We will soon get to see Golion and Dairugger uncut on DVD


In addition to Voltron: Defender of the Universe, we are planning to release Hundred Beast King GoLion and Armored Squadron Dairugger XV on DVD starting next year. These releases will be completely uncut and in their original Japanese with English Subtitles.

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