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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

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Five superheroes search for a Japanese criminal after a high-tech ninja attack.

TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder, combining TiVo service and high definition television

JLU’s Dwayne McDuffie to develop original adult action/adventure animated series

BET has inked an agreement to develop a new original adult action/adventure animated series with Dwayne McDuffie, co-creator (with BET’s Denys Cowan) of the Emmy Award and Humanitas Prize winning cartoon, Static Shock. Cowan and McDuffie were co-founders of Milestone Media, Inc., the most successful Black-owned comic book company in history. McDuffie is also a producer and story editor on Cartoon Network’s Justice League, Editor-In-Chief of Milestone Media’s award-winning line of comic books, and has worked as an editor for Marvel Comics and Harvey Entertainment. As head of BET Animation, Cowan will oversee the development of all new projects and work closely with McDuffie.

This is great news! I enjoyed McDuffie’s work on Static (especially the later seasons) and Justice League Unlimited. This partnership should help fill the void left by the cancellation of JLU. We will also get a nice alternative to the “kid-oriented” projects that DC Animation seems to be more interested in developing.

Read the full press release.

More DC Animation

Paul Levitz stood to make an announcement, and spoke about a new strategy for DC to move into direct-to-video animation.

Working with Warner Bros. Home Video and WB Animation, the company will launch a new line of direct-to-video DC animated movies that are being designed with DC Comics fans in mind, Levitz said.

He continued, saying that DC is looking to do a series of titles that will tell the character bits and stories that were important to fans, and will be working with the comic book creators on them.

I’m really looking forward to the new batch of Direct-to-Video projects planned by DC and Marvel. DC really needs to redeem themselves from the disappointing Superman: Brainiac Attacks feature. Thank goodness I was able to watch that one for free on Cartoon Network.

Read more on Newsarama

Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 3

This set is a must-have for Justice League Unlimited fans that would like to see the history of the Darkseid/Superman feud. Click the pic below to get a great deal on it!

Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 3 (Full Frame)

Brainiac Attacks on Cartoon Network

Don’t miss the new movie Superman: Brainiac Attacks, Sat 6/17 6:30 PM EST on Cartoon Network.

If you have a standalone Series 2 Tivo, click the button below to record it.

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Getting your Superhero Fix in the Future

Justice League UnlimitedThe Journal Gazette has a feature on the future on anmimated superheroes, following the demise of Justice League Unlimited. It mentions new TV shows like The Legion of Superheroes and Fantastic Four, and movies like Teen Titans Tokyo and Iron Man.

Also found this comment interesting:

Cartoon Network officials say Justice League has been canceled due to low ratings.

Yeah, and CN constantly changing the time slot , putting the show on a long hiatus and lack of promotion had nothing to do with it. Thank goodness for DVDs!

First look at Legion

The Superman Homepage has link to the promo art for the new Legion of Superheroes. Unfortunantely, this show does not appear to be a spin-off of Justice League Unlimited, as many thought after seeing the episode “Far From Home.

The art appears to be similar to the style of Teen Titans. More pseudo-anime.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the show, with the current Superboy lawsuit.

Possible trouble for “Legion”?

From Sci-Fi:

A federal judge in Los Angeles has found that Smallville may be infringing on the copyrights held by the widow and daughter of Jerome Siegel, who created the Superboy character for DC Comics, Variety reported. The March 23 summary judgment also found that Joanne Siegel and Laura Siegel Larson had successfully recaptured the Superboy rights as of Nov. 17, 2004.

If there is trouble for Smallville, there could be potential problems for the Legion of Superheroes show being developed.

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