Petition to Save JLU? Don’t Bother…

Justice League UnlimitedIt’s no surprise that many of the fans of Justice League Unlimited are upset that the show will not return next season. JLU was a rare find in American animation. It is one of the few shows that most adults will openly admit to watching due to its excellent writing and animation. As you would expect, a show of the caliber of JLU is not easy to produce. Therefore, some of the people behind the show are actually relieved that the show is ending:

“that said, i’ve got no beef with cn whatsoever….honestly, i’m almost relieved JLU is over (for the moment anyway), it was frankly an EXHAUSTING show to do, hard to write, extremely labor-intensive to produce, this season and the last especially…. with such an action-oriented show, after awhile it becomes really REALLY hard to keep trying to top yourself, to keep pushing the envelope for hyper-intense action sequences, upping the epic scale, etc….” Little Black Box That Streams Thousands of Films!

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  • me:

    Not surprised! Good animated shows that appeal to grown ups are hard to find! Though I didn’t wantch the show as frequently as many of you would, I hate when shows like these get axed! >_

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