Ultimate Avengers

I finally had a chance to watch Ultimate Avengers this weekend, and I must say that I was impressed! This movie has excellent animation, good voice acting and plenty of action. If you have been turned off by past Marvel Animation projects, you should give this a shot. It does not suffer from the bad dialog and “kiddie” storylines of past Marvel shows.

The DVD also has plenty of great extras, including a trivia mode that let’s you watch the movie “Pop-up Video” style.

My only complaint was that is was a little short (71 minutes). It doesn’t leave a lot of time for character development, but hopefully, we’ll get more of that in Ultimate Avengers 2.

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  • […] I just wish Hasbro would look at that market of kids from the 80s that grew up and still watch “cartoons”–not the ones intended for kids, but the more mature Anime series and the direct-to-video products being produced by Marvel and DC. We would by the DVDs. Some of us would even buy premium figures based on the show. They wouldn’t even have to call the show Transformers. There are enough terms that could be borrowed from the old Transformers Mythology to create a title that would be recognizeable to us old-school fans. And I’m sure they would have no problem airing the show on Toonami, Adult Swim or Sci-Fi. If they can do it for Robotech, why not Transformers? What do you guys think? […]

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