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Harley Quinn is getting a new animated series for DC’s streaming service | The Verge

I’d like to hear more about this. I wonder if it will be more of a comedy series, similar to Batman & Harley Quinn. Do you think you will subscribe to DC’s service?


WE REMEMBER: Earle Hyman Dies at 91

“Back in the 80s, Hyman was also known for his work on the popular animated show “Thundercats.” His role was that of the gruff, muscle-bound warrior Panthro.”

Straight Otta Unicron


Naruto & Bleach Movies coming to Netflix in February 2015

According to the Huffington Post, “Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse” and “Naruto Shippuden: The Movie” will be added to Netflix in February 2015.

The bad news? “Transformers Prime,” Seasons 1-3 and “Transformers: Rescue Bots” will be leaving. It is possible that these titles could stay or return later if Netflix can work out a deal to keep them.

Rescue Bots was my five year-old’s introduction to the Transformers universe, so we will be sad to see them go. Time to stock up on DVDs!

New Decepticon Leader

Transformers: Robots In Disguise will introduce a new Decepticon leader. As reported by Transformer World 2005, Steeljaw will be the new leader.

He looks like an Autobot that had too much Dark Energon, in my opinion.

I will try to reserve judgement on the show until it is on the air, but from what I’ve seen, I not excited.


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Finish this quote:

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When Dwayne met Halle


This a funny story about Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock) meeting Halle Berry.

Something is wrong with this picture…


No! Warner Bros. kills plans for a DC animated series Kickstarter

No! Warner Bros. kills plans for a DC animated series Kickstarter

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